In photos – Russsian Special forces SSO in SYRIA


17022370_1480643761997684_564259202047249390_n 17098577_1480643865331007_4080306932754352202_n 17098634_1480643821997678_2370420059017122501_n 17022452_1480643755331018_6820842576289427839_n 16864327_1480643868664340_7915884293020913981_n 17098564_1480643908664336_9023268450368918532_n 16939320_1480643758664351_6068503930423608937_n 17022433_1480643818664345_747292304875089260_n 17098581_1480643848664342_3164511052985986072_n 17022502_1480643825331011_368791762029795983_n Russia against terrorists in Aleppo and Palmyra. In the Syrian Arab Republic is a test of the latest special tools, designed for reconnaissance, detection and destruction of the enemy: used infrared sights, thermal imagers, small reconnaissance drones, and even military robots. The whole experience of the Russian military-industrial complex and special training for tens of years were merged together.

مارس 3rd, 2017

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