Al-Baghdadi deployed elite al-Sham battalion to Mosul


ISIS leader al-Baghdadi has deployed a battalion of elite jihadis to help defend Mosul as Kurdish, Iraqi, and Turkish troops continue to sweep aside his army of fanatics.

Highly-skilled fighters in the so-called al-Sham battalion have been called back from al-Raqqa in Syria to boost the falling morale of Mosul’s beleaguered militants. According to the reports, members of al-Sham battalion are said to have Iraqi accents.

News of their arrival in the city under attack has come after it emerged ISIS war chiefs also called in reinforcements from Raqqa in Syria. The terror group is losing its grip on Mosul after Iraqi forces launched their biggest ever ground offensive in the country since the US-led invasion of 2003.

Calling in the al-Sham battalion could be a last resort for ISIS has Mosul edges closer to liberation.

Iraqi troops have brought out the big guns in a bid to reclaim Mosul’s outskirts. They were photographed posing with the 60-ton, Russian-made TOS-1A Buratino – one of their most menacing weapons – less than ten miles from Iraq’s second largest city.

A sniper has been striking fear into the hearts of ISIS thugs in Mosul — picking them off one-by-one, reports claim. The Sniper of Mosul is believed to be behind shootings in four separate neighbourhoods of Iraq’s second largest city.

ISIS leader al–Baghdadi announced the establishment of a caliphate from Mosul after his militants took the city in 2014.


أكتوبر 30th, 2016

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